Monday, February 12, 2007

Ami Bangla Valobashi



Hazar Salam,

Sokol Sohid Sorone."

Thousand salutes to all martyrs...)

February - the month of glorious memory – has come to us again and owe to us for respect. Bengali is the only language for which people had to struggle and gave up lives. The tales of February, 1952 will remain written with golden ink in the history with its passion and devotion for mother tongue. The day 21 has been respected as the “International Mother Language Day” by all of the international communities. Many countries have taken Bengali as an official language beside their own to pay respect to the devotion of the martyrs of 52.

The respect and honor that international people has been given for Bengali is incredible. But being Bengali speaker we have no respect for it. Even, nowadays, some of us feel happy to avoid speaking Bengali. They feel themselves a part of the upper class being English or (in many cases) Hindi speaker whether write or wrong.

They want to prove themselves educated. But I don’t understand the way they are thinking. Truly educated people should have the respect for their own language. The Spanish educated people don’t speak English without official necessity and vise versa. The same thing is true for other dominant languages in the world.

Though, they don’t have to pay blood for their language.

Why don’t we make ourselves grateful to the martyrs……?

Why shouldn’t we feel ourselves prestigious using sweet Bengali.….. ?

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