Sunday, February 25, 2007

Money Lender and Briber is the same thing

This is the first time I agree with X- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that is “Money Lender and Briber is the same thing”.

I could never welcome Mr. Dr. Yunus Khan to come into politics, the man who robed poor people up to the last property to collect the interest- the interest of highest percentage (36%) that exist nowhere in the history of economics. Having Nobel Prize he has gain a great opportunity to give a strong ground to his micro credit system and establish it through other poor countries. This is true that in the era of capitalization he will be a role model and a God to the millionaires and turn them into billionaires and billionaires into trillion….

I love my country and don’t hate Dr. Yunus Khan. Cause he don’t possess minimum level of sympathy to Bangladesh. He had just use poverty and helpless people of Bangladesh as a career path. When people has being frustrated with the failure of consecutive government to meet the fundamental needs Dr. Yonus made a fake net of his so called micro credit system. Poor people became poorer falling into this net and Dr. Yunus gain national and international awards.

Award giving committee either doesn’t know how the system works or they like the way of creating money sucking malnourished blood of Bangladesh. To my view second one has the great priority.

Whatever it is, the main fact is his coming to politics and I never agree with them who welcomed him. I never allow the person who sucks my blood instead of not being on the power. I am afraid what will he do after achieving power…..

Will he suck as past days…..?

Will he swallow the whole body…?

Come all true patriotic Bangladeshi, stop this blood sucker….

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aNIK said...

everyone has the right of free speech, so its ok mr. khan... however my friend, please DO cast your vote in support of our NO-BELL Yunus Kakku (seal marar agey 3bar doa yunus poira ballot paper e foo diye niyen).

nagorik shokti mukti pak...
gram, mofosshol, choranchol o cchit-mohol shokti nipat jaak!