Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Memory of BINA

Front of


Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture,


I visited BINA two years before with my classmates in a study tour. They have been conducting many researches to invent high yielding and better quality crops. We saw many invented sample seeds of different crops. Among them nut was very interesting to us because of it's size.

Today I remember the visit because of a perfect reason. I asked for the origin of production of nut when bought some nut today. And was dishearten because sells man told me it was imported from India. But the same nut seed I was seen in the BINA lab and I am sure the sells man was not true. He was increasing his product's demand.

He knows well that Bangladeshi people like to buy foreign products instead of local!!!!!!!!

This is called patriotism!!!!!

Production is local, but fame has gone to foreign!!!!!

This should not be the mentality............

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Welcome to Shameem's Blog said...

Sala ato banan bhul keno? Tui sales man banan janisna to phone korti!!

Whatever it is you write well. We love our language, we celebrate ekushe on the other hand we told or advise our children do not speak in Bangla.

Ok thanks