Thursday, April 5, 2007

16.9% people use www

I am one of the 16.9 % of world’s population.
Not bad....
There may be no other way by which people can simply wasting their valuable times. To browsing net without any goal is really an addiction. Sometimes I go through such links which will do nothing for me at all, never… But I can’t leave them easily, I’m addicted.
Not good....

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Welcome to Shameem's Blog said...

Dosto amar kase kisu bhalo medicine ase niya khaiya lois, tahole nesa chute jabe. Notun notun obosso onekeroi aktu nesa nesa lage, kisu din gele ta ar lagbena, tokhon dine akbar mail box khultei isse korbena, thik ase.

arekta kotha never click on