Wednesday, April 4, 2007


All are the same.
If not, then why Rangs Bhaban has been escaped from the Demolition Party instead of standing on the illegal position?

Why innocent slum people has been homeless and poor/middle class business holders are stepped down?
Only because they don’t have any "secret relation" with anyone (11 member) of this "well-doing" Caretaker Government (CG).

Why the whole action is being stopped?

Is it due to somebody’s influence whose property(es) are at risk?

The total action has been played only to attract general people and make them understand we are doing better and different. Similar words go for other actions also.

Nobody is for the mass people.
All are playing with us, using us.

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Welcome to Shameem's Blog said...

You write well, everything we know but we can not do anything and this is the reality.

We just have see and we can't do anything for us or mass people ever.