Sunday, April 1, 2007

Anonymous 2

In the month of March, the month of Independence
S. Abdur Rahman,
S. I. Bangla Bhai,
Ataur Rahman Suny,
Abdul Auwal,
Khaled Saifullah,
And Masud…..

has been hanged till death for their outburst with fundamentalism.
It’s a great job…indeed….!

But what about those who provided them shelter, advise as well as expenses for explosives and networking?
Again what about those who are still, out of the grip of law and order, wandering surrounding us without scare?
So, this is not the end, just the beginning. We should stop these fundamental unrests as well as the religion-business.

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aNIK KHAN said...

Khan is Khan said:
It’s a great job…indeed….! my friend, its just a "job". a "great job indeed" would have been if we had killed the tree when it was just a seed. however, lets hope that we can still do something about it and banish it for good. but again, lets also hope that we will learn from this huge mistake and next time, we are more aware of "possible" damages.