Monday, March 26, 2007

How Could I Forget Those Days…..?

The Night of 25th March is a night of mourning for each and every Bangladeshi Jonota. This goes to at least to those people who have minimum level of patriotism in their heart...minimum level of respect to the souls of martyrs. In 1971, this night came to us with a great non-forgettable nightmare. General people who had not even thought about this devilish attack by HUMAN. They didn’t even gave rid to innocent woman and child though their target was only the intellectual and younger men.

Today I have been paying my total detest and anger to those DEVILS.

I spit to those DEVILS.

I ______ to those DEVILS.


They are the Pakistani Soldiers in 1971.

How could I make them friend?

How could I…..

What answer do I give to those innocent souls if I do so……

I don't know what would they (martyrs) do if they remain alive till today. But I can't.
Forgive me, please..... I never can do that. I don’t even care your international policy…of declaring them our friend.

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