Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Silly Girl.......

“I will give legality to all deeds and actions of this caretaker government (CG) if I can have the governing power again” …said X-Prime Minister Seikh Hasina.

How could she know that all deeds in the rest of the time will also go in parallel with the general people of Bangladesh?

Is there anything between her party and CG?

I hope no?

Actually I should hope no?

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aNIK said...

i'm NOT sure if therez anything between BAL & the CG, but one thing we must count is that the political person who can find a way out to the U.S. in this point of time, is defenitely NOT a "silly" girl... she is smart and talented...! lets all hope that someday these people will use there talent for good things... :( yeah, thats ALL we can do i guess, HOPE, WISH & PRAY.