Friday, March 23, 2007


Mr.H M Ershad

::Anowar Hossain Monju - a politician of Bangladesh -have declared to get retired from politics. Again X-President Prof. A Q M B Choudhury has been thinking of it.
:: ::
And The Great L. G. H M Ershad our X-President at last understood that he has nothing to do for Bangladesh...he is expired.
:: ::But my question is why now? Are they scared? Are they trying to escape from anybody? I think this will not be a good idea to run away from the field. They should fight being on the field. Because nobody can escape if there is no system loss.....!!!

There should be some conditions in the political and election system like*...
  • One person can take part in election for two (for the first time people may not recognige him as an ideal and every should have the 2nd chance at least) terms only, but not for the 3rd time if he failed consequently both terms,
  • If he win he may take part for 2 terms, but not for the 3rd time even if he win at the both term.

*lawmaker may think about this, I think they are already thinking....

It is very hard to leave the taste of power. System should have the power to control this nature given greed.

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