Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mom was so Nostalgic…

It was a tired-some day. I failed to pay complete attention in my training period at ICDDR,B. It was something like sedative action, and I feel sleepy all the time though I slept well last night and even I didn’t take any drug (you may think of!). I has been kept thinking myself to find out possible reason(s). And I was failed. Whatever the reason is, I sleep at the evening to make me easy.

You may have been thinking what about nostalgia….

This is the problem…I failed to write right thing at the right time… My evening sleep was broken by mom’s gossiping about the liberation war. She was telling stories from her memories. She was teenager then. She was telling how she and her other brothers and sisters, relatives were hiding from the Pakistani soldiers. How they burned the houses of Hindu community. How they mourned watching all possessions completely burned. Then some Hindu neighbors came to them (mom’s house) and fed themselves forgetting the religious barrier. They were so rich and turn poor losing all property. Because, in the meantime some robbed their all collection of crops, household vessels, gold, money everything. Oh.. no..I can’t write any more….All seems to me like present happenings. I was so tired and my brain was so sedative and leads me to make imaginary picturesque of her words. It was something like playing film in a virtual screen. It was no longer like mom’s word… I was then remaining back to 1971 though I was not even born that time.

Actually this is the month to be nostalgic.

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